Matt Murdock: Marvel’s Punching Bag


Poor Matthew Murdock. He’s the poor man’s Spiderman. Keeping vigil over Hell’s Kitchen. Blind. What else is there to say?

Oh yeah…

They won’t let the man be happy. He’s Daredevil, doomed to be broken and alone. The Heathcliff of New York, wandering the moors cum skyscrapers searching for some kind of light in his life but ultimately being whipped by the powers that be.

How many girlfriends must die? How many must betray? His love from the beginning, Karen Page, sold his identity to his archenemy the Kingpin for drugs. Elektra was killed by Bullseye (pictured above) his wife Milla driven insane (after Typhoid- an old flame of Daredevils set him on fire while they were on a date).

A devil can never be happy it seems.

I might not be up to date on his stories, but where I’ve left off he’s been completely broken. His identity was made public. He was placed in a prison full of people he put in there. His wife was driven mad with no hope of a cure. Life is shit for Matt Murdock.

But why?

He’s the perfect Byronic, anti-hero. Like his name, he truly is the Devil in the vision of Milton. We like him because he’s hurt, broken, fragile. Unlike his DC Comics equivalent, Batman, Daredevil will always lose. He’s the ultimate underdog.

Why do we like this though? Superheroes are like the gods. Boastful, perfect in almost every way with only a hint of flaw. Like Batman, Daredevil is an orphan, doomed to fight crime in an attempt to avenge his father’s death. But, unlike Batman, he is not an embodiment of human perfection.

Yes, he kicks ass and has a kind of super power. But he’s not always rational. His rage gets in the way, and he’s seemingly easily manipulated by his enemies.

Yet we keep coming back, as he does, with a glimmer of hope. The devil, a fallen angel, climbing his way back to a place in Heaven. Always destined to fall, always destined to fail, but, ultimately human.


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