The Nod: Chapter Two. “Under Water” Part One

“Remember when you just showed up that night?”


“You were completely drunk. All fucked up and bloody.”

A little laugh. “You mean most nights?”

“You were never that bad. But this night…you had just gotten jacked up by your brother.”

Fingers trace along a scar hidden under a beard. “Yeah. I remember that night. I knocked out another one of his teeth”


“Well, look who finally came home.”

“Been a while. You look good.”

“The army does that to a man.”

“So you’re a man now? Could have fooled me…”

Spit flies, lands in dirt, splatters on a shoe.


“I think he wet himself.”

“Fuck. Wouldn’t you? We haven’t been all that gentle.”

“Really? I think we’ve been going too soft. Get the bucket.”

There’s laughter, a scraping of metal on the floor and loud cracks.

“Put his feet in the bucket.”

Cold. Wet. The eyes shoot open in fear.

“Turn on the battery. Let’s get him talking.”


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