The Nod: Chapter 8. “Running”

“How did you shoot the guard?”

“I didn’t.”

“There were three of you in the vault.

“You. You’re brother. The guard.

“You said your gun wasn’t loaded.”

“You’ve been lying to us.”

“Where is the money?”

“I don’t have it.”

“Who does?”

“My brother.”

“Mother fucker…”

“He’s not going to tell us is he?”


“We need a place to hide.”

Open stretch of highway.

Road flying by.

“We need a place to hide.”

The radio humming out static.

“I said we need a place to hide.”

“I know.”


“I don’t fucking know. I didn’t plan this far ahead.”

“We have enough money. We can stay anywhere.”

“I would rather keep moving.”

“We have to hide.”

“We have to keep running. It’s only been two days…”


Nightmares don’t allow you to do certain things.

Like running away for example.

No matter what is chasing you. No matter what you need to get away from.

You can’t.

Sometimes you just can’t run away fast enough.

Sometimes you can’t run at all.

Sometimes there’s nowhere to run to.

You can feel it chasing you down. Hunting. Wanting to harm you. Hurt you. Kill you.

It’s only a few steps behind. You can feel it gaining no matter how much faster you move.

It never catches you.

You never give up.

It doesn’t need to catch you. That’s the point.


It just has to keep you running.


“You shot your brother and she ditched you.”

“You thought you scored the big deal.”

“The girl. The money.”

“You got fucked, man.”

“Hell. Give him a cigarette.”

A quick flame. Smoke curling over broken lips.

“She ditched you, didn’t she?”

“Probably in the middle of the night.”

“While you were asleep.”

“Look. He’s smiling. The fucker thinks something is funny.”

A punch. The teeth take the hit. A tooth breaks.

“Still think something is funny?”

“Yeah. You shot her. The money is all gone.”

“We shot her because you wouldn’t talk.”

“That’s right. So you pretty much killed her. That’s two deaths.”

The bunny mask goes back on.

“What do we do? He doesn’t have the money.”

“Only thing left to do is kill him.”

The gun presses against the forehead.

A  gunshot.

The bunny mask fills with blood.


“Why did you agree to this job with your brother?”

Talking away the latest nightmare. Sheets tangled around feet.

“We need the money.”


The moon catches her lips, her teeth. Reflecting happily on her smile.

“Yeah. We. I’m tired of running. I’m tired of all of this shit.”

She moves closer, her hand running over the chest.

“I’m just ready to stop.”


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