Afterdeath: An introduction

In comics, a superhero will die and then, of course, will be brought back to life. I have never read any exploration of what the character would go through being brought back to life. So, I have decided to write it…enjoy. LB


Afterdeath: An Introduction. Missing the Light.

I was one of them. Above everything, everyone. A cape. A supe. A hero. I fought for the typical things we fight for. Truth. Justice. All of that.

But, like a normal human, I died.

It was a violent death. Hazard of the job, I guess.

I remember falling- really falling. Wishing I was one of those that could fly. I’d lived through worse, so I thought I could take it.

Then everything went black. I knew I was dead.

That’s the thing, I knew I was dead. I was cognizant of the fact that I was no longer alive.

And, like a super hero, I came back to life. Or I came back with the living. Either way, I’m not who I was.

I’m not the hero I was. But I’m trying.


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2 Responses to Afterdeath: An introduction

  1. Yidan says:

    Hmm, I actually never thought about that process. Interesting! I’d love to hear more from you about it. 🙂

    • litbandit says:

      Hey, Yidan! Thank’s for having a look. I’ve often thought about it…with so many superheroes dying (probably to boost sales) then coming back (probably to boost sales again) what with Superman, Robin, Green Arrow, Elektra, Captain America, hell, even Batman. But really, once they die, could they ever be the same.
      Again, thanks for checking it out. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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