Flame Off: Marvel Kills the Human Torch

So Marvel has done it again.

I figured it was rather poetic, given the story I have been writing here.

Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is dead- but for how long? He’s been popular enough for nearly 50 years now, so why kill him. Why not kill The Thing? Or even Mr. Fantastic?

I’ve never been a fan of the Fantastic Four. Never liked any of them. The cartoon sucked.

But, the Human Torch (if I had to pick a favorite) would have been my favorite. Apparently (I haven’t read the comic) but he dies saving The Thing from some purple guys coming out of the negative zone. At least he went down fighting, but I feel as if the Fantastic Four has now lost their child like innocence.

So, rest in peace Johnny Storm. I’m sure Marvel will be brining you back to life in no time.


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