Where Little Birds Go: Cages

Here’s another excerpt from the novel I’m working on titled Where Little Birds Go. Have a read, let me know what you think, and enjoy.
-The Lit bandit


I heard something crash against the window. It was the middle of the night, everyone in the house asleep except for me and then the crash. I stopped breathing, trying to listen to see if it would happen again.

I heard nothing.

I turned on the lamp and slowly made my way to the window, muscles tense, waiting for something or someone to appear behind the glass.

I waited for Dolphin to appear and protect me, forgetting for the moment that he still had not come home.

I looked through the blinds, just a peek. It was still outside, black, empty. Finally I opened the window and looked down.

In the soil by a bush was a bird, twitching, its neck and wing broken.

I sat down on the floor under the window and tried to ignore the whole thing. Then another thump. The bird must have gotten back up, somehow, and flown into the window again.

Taking another look on the ground I saw a second bird, lying motionless.

It was an attack. Kamikaze birds.

Another crash, I could hear the glass crack.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of anger I rushed outside, hoping to scare other birds away. I stood near the window, in the soil, but couldn’t see any birds except for the three at my feet. One was still twitching, its neck in an unnatural position, its wing at an odd angle.

A bird flew over my head and into the side of the house.

I kicked at it, little drops of dark blood splattering my shoes and pants. Stepping back I nearly tripped over a rock sticking up out of the ground.

Catching my balance I locked eyes with the twitching bird. It’s black, sad eyes pleading me to put an end to it.

I couldn’t breathe as I reached down, grabbed the rock and, without thinking, brought it down on the bird as hard as I could.

It stopped moving and I threw up.


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