Wish List- 3 Characters I would love to write.

I’m sure most writers and artists have a wish list- certain characters they want to tell a story about. Maybe it’s the big three from DC (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman) or it could even be like that one character…what’s his name? Oh, yeah, Wolverine.

There are three characters that I would love to write, so here’s a little pitch for them. Would you be interested in reading them?

1. Wildcat- Ted Grant, the fighter that has trained nearly every Superhero in the DC Universe to throw a punch. I’d like to get down to his fighter roots. A story set near the Great Depression time. A lonely Ted Grant (remember, his parents died in a car accident) wanders across the country fighting bare knuckle to make ends meet. It would be one of those traveling stories. The stranger who wanders into town and, of course, gets into trouble. The story would more than likely end with a variation of his origin- the poison, and finally donning of the Wildcat costume.

2. Blonde Phantom- She’s a great character. The secretary who becomes a hero. The dynamic between her and her boss is a perfect compliment to Lois and Clark/Superman. It would be a straight up noir, pulp story. Not a whodunnit, but an “oh, shit, what’s going to happen next?” story. Set back in the 50’s when comic were gaining momentum, she would be a hero on the streets-and more than likely having to save her boss. She would not be a damsel in distress.

3. Madame Fatale- This is one truly fucked up character that I don’t think anyone has gone into depth about. A man loses his wife, so he gets revenge. What costume does he choose? He dresses up like a woman. There is some serious psychological issues going on here that I would love to just pull apart and evaluate. A true schism between identity and secret identity- and which one is real.


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