Madame Fatale

A character I know almost nothing about, but am intrigued by, is Madame Fatale. A man who lost his wife and daughter and therefore dresses as a woman to fight crime. It’s like Batman- if he wore lacy underwear under his costume.

I would love the chance to write a Madame Fatale comic. A mature one, exploring the riff in the mind caused by loss and what a man does to try and get his feet back down on solid ground and move on from grief.

Below is a small sample, a little introduction to the character. Enjoy. I will be posting a little bit more as I work the story out. Let me know your thoughts.


I am a man. I am rich and famous. I have a full head of hair and I’m in great shape. I’m an actor, on stage and screen. I’m well known and well liked. I’m well hated. I’m a father. I was a husband.

I’m angry.

My daughter is missing. Kidnapped, I believe. Though there hasn’t been a ransom demanded. My wife is gone. Everyone thinks she drove off the road into the ocean.

I have everything a man my age could ever want.

I’m alone. Alone and angry.

I know something happened to my daughter. I know something very bad happened- and I’m going to find her.

Don’t worry baby, mom and dad are going to rescue you.


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