Review: The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman

Osama is dead. You know how I found out? Twitter. Then I turned on the news.
I learned Osama had been killed. Before it was confirmed.
Does that strike anyone else as odd?
We knew he was dead. Why? It was on the news. The most trusted source.
Now people are wanting further proof. And who will they get that from? The news.

The news tells us things- what’s happening in our world. What we should know about certain people/medicine we take/progress in society.

The news is that unbiased parental figure of society making sure everyone is informed and educated so we can better help each other, right?

Well, I have on question for you:

Are you tired of being lied to?

Enter “The Nightly News” by Jonathan Hickman. A perfect story that questions the media and, in turn, questions those that question the media.

I admit- I picked it up because of the cover. It was different. It was the cleanest gritty comic cover I have ever seen. Then I opened it up (probably looking for violence) and thought “what the fuck is this?”
It’s like graphic design exploded into prose. The art was beating me over the head yelling “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” with it’s limited colors and heavy blacks.
It was fucking beautiful.

Then the story grabbed me. Filled with speeches (of the cult and political variety), fantastic dialogue between fantastic characters that really boils down to “fuck you” or “we’re fucked” or “they’re fucked.”

I’m probably not doing it justice.
Imagine this: there are two sides (for that is what Media teaches us). Black or white, left or right, one or zero. It’s a binary world. You have a choice. One or the other.
What if the media chose for you? What if that choice fucked up your life? Would you want revenge?

Enter The Voice. It’s the voice of God breaking through decades of the journalist demiurge.
Are you tired of being lied to? Then welcome Brothers and Sisters.

It starts with protestors and journalists and one question. Do you shoot them in the head or the heart? From there it just escalates.

The Nightly News is a biting, kick to the gonads, punch in the face commentary on the media powers, political agendas, and belief. Amidst the story we are treated to charts and articles and other data and “facts.” Are they actually real? I don’t know. Do the research yourself. Personally, I don’t think it matters. Their purpose is to make you think. It works.

So what is the frequency? The frequency is revolution. It’s legislation. It’s education. It’s truth.

In fact, that’s what The Nightly News is about. The truth. Whether the truth is true or not.

Jonathan Hickman has written the best social commentary in comics. Along with Brian Wood’s “DMZ” these two are sorting out the facts and disguising it as story.

Ask yourself. Are you tired of being lied to?
What does the Voice say?
Who will you believe?


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