Hero A Day: Decade Later

DMZ was one of the comics that brought me back. Years before, I hadn’t even thought about them. Matty Roth was a great character that crash landed into the middle of a great story. After a while, though, Matty turned out to be a dick. Not really his fault- he was an innocent and easily impressed and always finding himself caught between some serious shit where no matter what the outcome or the side he chose, he was always going to be fucked in the end.

As great a character as Matty Roth is, though, my favourite (the one that speaks to me the most) is Decade Later. The artist of the DMZ. He claimed the symbol of the New York graffiti scene- “MINE” in giant red letters on the roofs of the subway cars.

Decade Later goes through some heavy shit. He gets put into a detention camp, all of his teeth knocked out, just all around maltreated by the army.

When he gets out, he tells his story. His whole story. Not the story of New York. The story of Decade Later- for Decade Later is New York, the city runs through his veins and out through his marker or spray can.

I’ve made New York my home, when I first got here, it was a massive fucking city- but Decade Later shows, it’s not a big city- it’s a big story.

Hero A Day: Decade Later


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