Crime Stories

This is the beginning to a new crime story I’m working on. Let me know if you like it- if it grabs your attention, etc…



New Mexico.

 One car. Two Men. The sun is beginning to set, turning the desert from dry brown to dryer red.

“Where the fuck are we supposed to hide around here?”

“Relax.” He lights a cigarettes and looks around. “There’s no one here. We’ve been driving for days. We’re almost to the border. Now it’s just us and a bunch of coyotes.”

The first man waves the smoke from his face and opens the car door. “What are we going to do with her?”

“What do you think? We have to kill her.”

“It’s a shame. She’s pretty.”

“You get her out. I’ll find something in the truck to dig a hole with.”

The first man grabs the woman by the rope tied around her ankles and yanks until she’s out of the car. Her head hits the desert road with a hard thump.

She lets out a muffled scream from behind a taped mouth.

The second man finds a shovel in the trunk of the car and throws it to the first. “Here, start digging.”

The first man stumbles to catch it, nearly dropping it. Regaining composure he looks up to say something, but sees the shotgun pointed at him.

“I would really start digging. You wouldn’t want the animals tearing you apart come morning. Best to be buried with some dignity.”

“What the fuck are you doing man?”

“I’m going to shoot you and take the money. So dig your hole. The sun will be rising soon, you don’t want to be digging then.”

The first man drops the shovel. “Fuck you.”

The second man squeezes the trigger and the first man’s stomach is torn apart. Blood splatters the desert.

“And as for you…” The second man looks over at the woman. “He’s right, you are pretty. So, being the perfect gentleman I am- I’m not going to shoot you.”

He puts the shotgun back into the car, gives the woman a little wave, and drives off.


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