Crime Stories: Part 2

Part 2 of my in progress crime/noir story. Just giving a little look. Hoping to either turn it into a graphic novel or maybe even make an e-book out of it.


I do not have a heart of gold. I might have some gold in my teeth. These bracelets and necklace? Definitely not real gold.

Who can afford gold jewelry these days? Definitely not a woman like me. Not yet.

I remember standing outside the club trying to light a cigarette in the wind.

“You shouldn’t smoke you, know. It’s bad for your health.”

He came out of nowhere, smiling like he knew me.

“A pretty girl like you should take care of herself.”

“I can usually find someone else to do that for me.”

“With legs like yours, I’m sure you can.”

Then he lit my cigarette for me, in one smooth movement.

“I think I can take care of you, at least for a little bit.”

“Oh yeah?” I blew smoke into his face. I get offers from guys all the time, but this guy, he seemed different.

“There’s ten grand in it for you.” He smiles again, the same smile as when he walked up.

“No foolin’?”

“No foolin’. For one nights work.” He pulls an envelope from his pocket, showing the cash inside.

“I don’t normally do anything like that, honest. But it’s hard to pass up ten thousand. What do I have to do?”

“Oh, it’s simple really.” He lights my second cigarette. “We’re going to steal some money.”

“I thought you wanted to fuck.”

“Who knows…maybe after. Shall we?”

A car pulls up to the curb and he opens the door for me.

Ten thousand dollars.


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