What it all comes down to…2

I have music ADD. I change songs before they are even close to being finished. That being said, for some reason “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac is the only song I seem to listen to all the way through these days.

When I say I play the guitar, what I really mean is there are about 20 songs I like to play on the guitar. And once I play those (usually around 2am) then I don’t play again for about another month. And I wonder why I’m not able to play harder songs.

I like books where criminals are the “hero.” Usually the more cold and depraved the better. Fantomas is my favourite literary character of all time. He kills to kill- with no real reason. I find it intriguing that a character like that can become such a cult hero. I also like that the books are not from his perspective,  the reader follows the detective mostly. He’s like the anti-batman. Tuxedo and all.

I feel bad for really big dogs that are in New York City. No one has an apartment big enough for a Burmese mountain dog in the city.

I talk back to animals when they make sounds. As in actual conversations.

Step Up 2 is one of my favourite movies. (Don’t judge- that was an amazing soundtrack)

I refuse to read Harry Potter books. I hate Shakespeare. I thought I was cool in the 6th grade when I was reading “The Day of the Jackal.” I still haven’t finished it.

I can’t read the same book twice.

I feel bad for kids these days, their cartoons suck. Have you ever woken up early on Saturday mornings and sat dumbfounded at the sheer amount of shit that passes for Saturday morning cartoons?

I love the sound of palm muting on guitars.

None of the characters I write ever win. They just don’t have it in them.

and that’s all it really comes down to.


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