The Rise and Fall

There are two songs that go so perfectly together that I find it nearly staggering.
“Lotus Flower” and “Codex”. Songs 5 & 6 on Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs” album.

“Lotus Flower” starts with that little beat and the clapping. that taptap taptaptap tap that seems so irregular when compared to the rest of the dream like instruments. In this song Radiohead just lifts you up. Of course, like the majority of their lyrics, the words are not the happiest.

“There’s an empty space inside my heart…”

Thom once again reminding you, that in all truth, you are alone. But the beat will make you tap your feet or fingers or do a little mental boogie. It’s the perfect combination of his voice and the instruments that gives it a kind of etheral funktastic sound.


“Bleehhh” is the only thing I can type that comes close to the voice at the very beginning of “Codex.” It’s a clarion call. It’s Gabriel sounding off the end of your little imaginary world. It’s your lotus flower closing up and blinding your god-head.

Then the piano comes in, it wraps it’s little gentle-chord fingers around your throat and ushers in the darkness. You begin to fall as the “Ooooo” comes in, a sound of pain, of relief, of letting go.

“Sleight of hand…”

It’s all a trick. The lyrics pull domination. It’s a message delivered through your speakers.

It’s Radiohead letting you know they love you, but you’re still alone.


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