London Calling

London is burning, and I’m sitting on my couch writing while watching Wheel of Fortune.

Try as I might, I can’t find any real answers to the reason for what is happening across the pond.  The news here just seems to be not covering it, and online, well, those articles are talking about how teenagers are using Blackberries, which used to be for business men. Oh, the irony!

I gather from various articles that the whole situation started as a response to the police-shooting of a father of four, whom they believed was a criminal.
Okay. Belief is one thing. But there doesn’t seem to be many facts, at least that I have accessed.
So protest away!

But…what is this shit that is happening now? Fires, looting, riots, violence. Is “anarchy loosed upon the world?” Is London “slouching towards Bethlehem?”
Seriously, though. I saw a few quotes by people calling themselves “Anarchists.” Really? Lighting fires, looting stores, committing violence- that is not anarchy. Anarchy is for the people, it’s a more philosophical Communism. “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.” Any anarchist/magician knows this. Do they remember the rest?
“Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law– and the law is Love.”

I’m all for protesting for a cause you believe in. Speeches, marches, picket lines, whatever. But this violence? I’m sorry, but burning a store is not a protest. It’s violence. It’s not hurting parliament, it’s hurting someone who works in that store to provide for their family.

This is violence for the sake of violence. Fire for the sake of fire.

This is not how a civilized world voices their disagreements. These actions are those of thugs. Not revolutionaries, not anarchists, not protestors.

Use your words.


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