Drunk story part 3

He feels the glass spray across his face.

Then the blood.

He thrashes his arms out, looking for a light. He needs light. He wants light.

What kind of bedroom has no lamps?

Getting out of the bed he trips and falls to the floor. Scrambling to the wall he finds a switch.

The light, harsh, bright fills the room. There is a whole in the window. He looks for a rock, a brick, a bird…anything that would have come through.

Careful not to step on the glass he starts searching the room.

He hears something under the bed.

I’m not going to look, he thinks. I don’t want to know. I’m just going to leave the room, leave the party, leave this house, and go home.

He hears it again.

It’s come from under the bed.

The lights flicker.

Oh fuck.

He tries the doorknob. It wont turn. He pushes and pulls. Nothing.

He starts banging on the door, screaming for that woman…what’s the name coming out of his mouth? He doesn’t even know if it’s her name or not…he thought he knew her.

He calls out all the names he can think of. There has to be a Mary, a John, a Joe at this party…

The door still wont budge. His hand are red.

He can’t see anything, but he knows it’s coming towards him. He can feel it. Sense it. Something is trying to kill him and it’s in the room.

The door opens and the woman from before comes into the room.

“What the fuck are you screaming about?
She looks around. He’s cowering in the corner.

“What the fuck did you do the window?”

“There’s something…someone…something in here. It’s trying to kill me. It’s under the bed. I swear…I’m not drunk.”

She storms into the room. Looking at him like an adult looks like a child trying to lie his way out of trouble.

“There’s nothing under the bed, you fool…wait…what’s this?”

His heart stops. Oh fuck, it’s going to kill her to get to me.


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