Drunk story part 2

Slowly he opens the door to the back yard. He can see his breath in the night. Isn’t it summer though?

He looks for a light switch to a porch light. Anything that can break the darkness. He stops himself.

If there is something out there, does he really want to see it?

“What was out there? Some big monster coming to kill us all?” The laughter continues and he makes his way back to his seat.

“Just thought I heard something. Must have been an animal.”

He can hear it whispering again. Telling him secrets from his childhood. About the birds he used to throw rocks at. That one kid, his name might have been John, that he tricked into crawling into a dumpster telling him “Yeah, climb in and sit there for an hour, you’ll get super powers!” and then he left John there and stole his bike.

Those kind of thoughts, the actions that seemed funny, but now come with a taste of shame.

“I think I’m going to go…nice meeting you guys.”

“Nice meeting you? Listen to this joker!”

Wait…he’s met them before?

“Ha…yeah…I’m a funny kind. See ya…”

His head starts to swirl the second he stands up. Did I drink that much, he thinks. No…only a few beers. No more than 3.

“Hey, babe. I think I’m going to go…”

The woman looks up at him with a blank stare. “Do I know you…?”

“I could have sworn…I…”

He stops himself. Didn’t he come here with her? Hasn’t he seen her naked before? Many times, even?

“I’m sorry, I thought…”

“I think you’ve too much to drink…maybe you should lie down a while before you go on your merry way.”

“Yeah…that’s a good idea.”

She takes his hand. It’s gentle, cool…he wants to hold it forever. She leads him away from the party to an empty room.

“Here, just lie down there for a little while. Driving in your condition would not be a good idea.”

He mumbles a thanks and his heart breaks when she lets go of his hand.

The door closes and he feels alone. Like he’s been alone forever.

He stumbles in the dark, dodging light spots that flash before his eyes.

Finally finding a bed he lies down. Eyes closed.

The window breaks…


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