Doing the Impossible- Kim Boekbinder

Kim Boekbinder- The Impossible Girl

Doing the impossible, who doesn’t want to try that? For the majority of the world, the impossible dances arm in arm with their dreams and goals. To live the life you want seems so impossible. Well, maybe for most. But not for Kim Boekbinder- the Impossible Girl.

Sure, the name sounds like a superhero. Hell, maybe she is. She’s an all out musician. Epic, soaring, dark, light. Her music encompasses it all. She’ll pull on her boots and walk all over Gaga’s Pop tunes and Gillian Welch’s murder ballads. No, Kim isn’t a superhero. She doesn’t fly or punch through walls. She has a different power, a fantastic power that should be cherished: She tells stories, she makes art, she makes beautiful music.

An ever-growing artist, I have a feeling she won’t be sticking to just music in the near future. She’s mentioned interest in working with other creative mediums, working with visual artists (if you don’t know, she’s good friends with the fabulous Molly Crabapple.) Even her music, in such a short time (relatively short, she ain’t no beginner with music) is constantly breaking down genres and bending the rules in fantastic new ways.

When she sings (and I’ve seen it, so fuck you if you don’t believe me) her chest opens right up and we can see the music vibrating off her heart-strings. Music isn’t just fun (though you can see she has fun with it) music is love. Like a benevolent goddess she creates her songs, her stories, her characters with the utmost love and devotion for her fans- who she loves too.

And speaking of fans, you guys can help too. Not just her, but yourselves. See…one of the (many) amazing things about Kim Boekbinder is her intelligence and savvy when it comes to concerts. Utilizing her own blogs and kickstarter- she’s going to be making her way to your city, so buy the tickets, help her get out there. Touring isn’t free, know!

Check out this video to see what I mean:

Pretty fucking cool, right? If (and you better) want her to perform in or near your city, check out these links and help the fantastic Kim Boekbinder. Trust me, you’ll never regret it.

October 13th- San Diego

October 14th- LA

October 15th- San Fran

October 21st- Seattle
October 22nd- Portland

October 23rd- Minneapolis

October 27th- New Orleans

November 4th- Boston

November 5th- Hartford

November 12th- NYC


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