The Occupation Will Not Be Televised

Wall St. has been occupied.

Zuccotti park has been turned into  base camp for the voices of the American dispossessed.

And you know, what? I support them. I’m in the 99% as well. I don’t get paid much, barely enough to cover my ass from month to month with rent, bills, food, travel. I might be middle class, but I’m hanging onto that bottom rung with just one finger.

Zuccotti Square

But as much as I support and admire what the occupiers are doing, I’m left, well…wanting.

Which is the question everyone wants the answer to. What do you want? I know, you’re pissed off at the world. So am I. I know what I would do to change it. But what about you? What is your message? Are you just pointing out the evils of modern society and the Elite One Percenters? What is the change you are advocating? Tell me, and I bet I’ll back your cause.

Like I said, I admire the community that has taken over Wall Street. Everyone I met and talked to down there was extremely kind. The place was kept amazingly clean. Sleeping bags, dogs, food, tarps…it was, as I said, a community.

But…maybe that’s just the problem. It’s a protest. There are signs and slogans. But no message. Everything is supported- unions, gay rights, women’s rights. Great! I support them too. Hell, everyone should. But in order for this to work, in order for this to accomplish something other than a little buzz- I need a message.

My biggest fear about this whole spectacle (and until there is a clear demand, I will refer to it as a spectacle- for it is far from a revolution) is that it will escalate into violence. Police brutality, riots, Wall Streets version of the Rodney King Riots. That’s my fear. Do I think it will happen? If everyone quits and goes home, no. But if they stay, something is going to spark, and it’s going to turn down right bloody in the financial streets of Manhattan.

Maybe, and I hate to say this, it’s the look of the protestors. But, think about it. I hear some of the cops talking to each other calling the protestors dirty hippies. I mean, of course they are dirty, they’ve been camping in the park for weeks. But, maybe that’s just it. No one, except for other supporters, are taking the occupiers seriously. I believe in what they are doing, I think it’s fantastic- but this picture below…that is not the way to change a countries mind:

Hula hooping is not the way to be heard. Neither are drum circles and chanting. It hardly worked 50 years ago, it won’t work now.

Yes, we are dispossessed. Yes we are fucking pissed off. Yes, 99% of us feel like the government and big business are bending us over and raping us. But what are we going to do about it.

Give me a fucking message and I will scream it down Broadway. You organized an urban sit in- now organize a list of demands. I know what you want to change, but tell me how you want to change it and I will champion it along with you.

Or, take a tidbit from the history of Haiti. Channel Papa Guede and march the streets in top hats…singing…

“Papa Guede bel garcon…Guede Nimbo is a handsome fellow…He is dressed up all in black….he is going to go up to the palace!”

Nothing like a black wave of pissed off death gods to shake things up on Wall Street.

In all seriousness, this sit in has only garnered attention. You have the attention, now speak your words so that the ears of the country cannot resist your message.


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