A Love Letter to No one (Everyone)

This is the prose introduction to a Casanova/Don Juan-esque story (or comic) I’m working on.



I’ve loved and have been loved.

I’m sorry if I ever broke your heart. It’s okay if you’ve broken mine. Those moments of pain just meant there was something worth holding onto, somewhere, in the past.

Love is the closest to the meaning of life we can get. Love is the wizard behind the curtain of our lives.

Live to love, people.

I have loved. I have been loved. And I will always love again, and again, and again- even if only just for a fleeting second, for the duration of a batted eyelash or the flick of the hair, a smile, a song.

Love never stops.

So start loving, and keep loving.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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