The Linger of Perfume

Remember those cartoons, with the aroma finger that guides the character along?
That’s what perfume should be, ladies.
It should be a hint, a promise, a whisper in the dark – a scent so alluring in passing that it turns heads.
Please do not bathe in it.
Perfume is that invisible accessory that can give an illusion of clothing to even a nude body. Like sexy lingerie for the nose.
Perfume should make the head swim in desire and mystery.
The linger of perfume should drive the fantasies. Then, once, that smell is encountered again it’s a velvet glove slap to the face that brings you right back to that spot in the past.
Please, do not bathe in it. I do not want my head swimming in a mess of angry sinus and impending migraine. Not sexy.
It’s a hint. Not a billboard.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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