Coming Around the Bend

When you look back on the year that is just about to turn into the past- there is really only one thing that can truly stand out: the possibility of a monumental shift.

2011 truly is the year of the protest. 2011 year is the year where everyone decided they weren’t going to take anymore shit and raised their voices.

Change is coming.

We all know about those 2012 prophecies. The end of the world and all that. It’s the fifth sun, we are all going to die by fire.

Well, in my world, fire is cleansing. Fire breeds change. The fifth sun is going to bring the dawn of a new era. As it rises change is gonna come, oh yes it will.

So, here’s to those who stood up for their beliefs. Who brought the world their words, their reports. Who froze their asses off in New York and other cities. And over seas, those who stood up to much harsher governments that our own.

It’s not just occupy either. It’s the SOPA shit, our government with it’s head so far up it’s ass it has lost sight of America. It’s everything coming to ahead.

World, prepare to be burned.

As for me, your jolly Lit Bandit…well, 2012 will hopefully be a continuation of this passing year. New friends, new fun. More drawings and writings and pursuits of my goals.

The world may be in flames come 2012, but I will still be dreaming new dreams.

Happy New Years, everyone. See you around the bend.


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