Love Like the Movies

It was the glow of your iPad that caught my attention.
On the train headed East to Long Island. The train that is ten times better than the subway, but costs over six dollars more for the luxury.
The lights had gone out momentarily, as they do on the older trains.
There you were- iPad aglow- lit up like something expensive in a display case. A necklas, a ring, an angel.
You didn’t even seem to notice that you were the only light in the darkness.
Engrossed in your technology while everyone else looked in awe.
The lights came back on, but you still shone brighter.
You got up and moved to the door. My heart fell. Could you really be leaving so soon?
You stopped, and went into the bathroom.
You were human…afterall.
And, strangely, that made you even more beautiful.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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