Lois Lane- On Truth

I am not a damsel in distress.
I am a reporter. A journalist.
I’m a damn good one, too.

My husband may be a hero, flying into space to protect us from an alien threat or from some giant robot freak.
But, he’s from another planet- an alien with a smalltown mentality.

I don’t have x-ray vision, or super strength. I can’t fly or shoot lasers out of my eyes. I only have one weapon- the Truth.
The truth is the only thing that really matters.

Superman might save us from aliens and monsters, but what we- as humans, together on this Earth- really need saving from is ourselves.

I will expose the crime, and the corruption, the hate, and the murders.
I will bring truth from Metropolis, to Gotham, to Smallville.
I will raise humanity up, my words will be a beacon of truth, of hope, of the human potential.

I may not be Superman, but I don’t need to be. My name is Lois Lane- my weapon is the truth.



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