The Human Target- On Identity

For a certain price, I will become you.
That’s what I do. For your safety, for the safety of others. I will completely immerse myself in your life and no one will know the difference.

It’s a high price, because while something terrible might be about to happen to you…when I’m you, it will happen to me.

I’ve been a lot of people over the years. All kinds of people.

Coming back to myself. Pulling of the prosthetics, the make up, the wigs and contacts…I’m not stripping you away from me…I’m becoming a ghost.

I become a faded, fragmented version of the person you hired.

It would be so easy to just change and disappear. Become someone else. I could even take your life away from you and no one would know.

But, that’s not why I do it.
I do it to help others. I do it to help you.
I do it to not be “me” for as long as I can help it…no matter the dangers or the risks.

I’m Christopher Chance- let me be you.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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