Daredevil – On Freedom

I can’t see.
Well, not in the sense that you can.

I have another way of seeing. All of my senses converge into this…Radar Sense, I guess.

Sure, I miss out on some beauty. Once, I would have given anything to have seen Karen’s face, even if just for a second.

But, I’m free, you see.
Without sight there is no fear. Without fear, I’m free.
I’m free to launch of a rooptop and land on a flagpole. I’m free to experience the world in a way that everyone else misses.

Take your sight for granted. But without mine the world is a million more times intricate, playful, free…

I’m Daredevil. I have no fear. I am free.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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