Watch the Carpet…Blood is Hard to Get Out.

Flash fiction challenge for


“Well, shit, darling…I guess it has all come down to this.
More Wine?

I wish you smoked better cigarettes than this. I remember what it used to taste like to kiss you…now I understand. You should have been smoking European. Davidoff or something.

You still breathing down there?

So, you going to tell me? Or do I have to shoot you again?

You know, because of you…I have to change my face. I was really starting to love this face. The pout in the lips, the dimples. I’ll probably have to change my hair too. Shame. I never liked being blonde.

This wine is fantastic, though. Almost makes up for the cigarettes.

Listen…I’m really sorry for shooting you. Well, no I’m not.
You should have seen it coming though.
Maybe I blinded you with sex. Great weapon, that. Opens all the doors of opportunity that a smile can’t.

As great as the sex was, though, this gun works better.
I can see you’re still bleeding, so I assume that means you’re still alive.

So answer me this…and you better be able to talk, because I need an answer.

Where did you hide the rest of it?
Seriously…it will be better for everyone if you just tell me. I’d shoot you again, but what’s the point? It would only make more noise.

But you know what…fuck it. I’ll find it myself.
But you can die knowing you were a decent lover.

Oh. And women don’t always liked to be called “babe.”
Got that?








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