Nothing, Nothing, Without a Woman or a Girl

Something happened a few days ago. If you follow the comic world, you may have seen it.It was brought to light that someone had been attacking (and threatening) women in the comics industry on twitter, tumblr, websites, forums…for what reason: most likely, because they were women.
Now, these weren’t your normal “stupid bitch” attacks that the internet is full of. These were threats of rape, violence, any amount of indecent sewage.
People are starting to share stories about this guy, John Vee. My friend Kelly Thompson of 1979semifinalist has personally dealt with this man many times.
It became such an outcry, the abuse this guy was hurling and anyone involved in comics, even if they just commented on them. Creators, fans. No one was safe.
And it was absolutely disgusting. Pure vitriol.
At the end of it all, Mark Millar took a stand with other comic fans and creators and, as far as I know, shut John Vee down and reported him to the authorities.
You can talk about free speech all you want, but what he was saying/doing was beyond any freedom. It was hate, it was threatening, it was disgusting. He was your class A, perfect example of an internet stalker, that quite possibly, could turn into a very dangerous situation.

Now that I have that out of the way…I want to share some thoughts with all of you. It’s about three people (I capped it at three, or else this post would go forever). Three people whom I admire. Three people who, I believe, are in the top of the comics field. And, they just happen to be women. So take that, John Vee and everyone else who thinks comics are a boys only club. The most innovative, talented, and creative people are women. What do you think of that?

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at drawing likenesses, I mean…really terrible. So, I’m sorry if you aren’t happy with the little illustrations I did.

Kate Beaton:

Kate Beaton, of the insanely funny and clever Hark, A Vagrant. She is one of the funniest cartoonists our there. Her takes on history are brilliant. It takes true talent and brains to do what she does. I’ve spent many evenings trapped on her website or flipping through her book. My favourite, when she illustrates classic book covers, or, her “Nemesis” strips.

Becky Cloonan:

It’s no secret Becky Cloonan is one of my favourite artists. Nobody can push ink around like she does. Add to that, she’s the first woman to EVER draw Batman. That’s one hell of a milestone to be a part of. (And, hell, it only took, what…70 years?)

Kelly Sue Deconnick
Kelly Sue is a phenomenal writer. In fact, she’s writing the only comic put out by Marvel that I read. Her Captain Marvel is one of the best comics on the shelves these days, and you can tell she’s not going anywhere but up.

These three women, I have nothing but respect for them…well, maybe some awe (I completely fanboyed out when I talked to Becky Cloonan last year at NYCC). These three (and trust me, there are a hell of a lot more…Fiona Staples, Marjorie M. Liu, Faith Erin Hicks, Cynthia Von Buhler, etc). And, it’s not because they are women. They just happen to be women. Their craft speaks for itself, their talent doesn’t know any gender boundary. They are equal (in my opinion, greater) than any male writer or artist in the industry.

So, roar, ladies. Don’t put up with the shit that gets thrown at you, Kick it in the balls, hold your heads up high and continue kicking ass.


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