Talking about Stumptown

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I had stopped reading comics for a long time.
Two things brought me back. Daredevil and my discovery of Noir comics.

It started with “Coward” by Brubaker and Phillips, followed by “100 Bullets” by Azzarello and Risso. Those two comics brought me back- and then I was on the hunt for more.

I cam across a beautiful hardback edition of the first volume of “Stumptown” by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth.
(And when I say beautiful, I mean it)
It’s the perfect book with the perfect characters – and it left me with a new friend to care about, a new character to cheer on throughout their story: Dex Parios.
Dex Parios: the stronger than a cheap shot of whiskey detective of Stumptown Investigations.

To be honest, I would have been okay with Rucka and Southworth stopping at just that first volume. It’s a perfect story.
But, I am damn happy it continues.

“Stumptown: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case” is starting out to be the perfect follow up. Dex is back and as tough as ever. It centers around rock n roll (who doesn’t like that, seriously?) And the last page will have you hating that comics don’t come out every day. The art, just like in volume one is phenomenal. The faded colour draws you into the gritty Stumptown world, makes it all seem much more real than the high gloss coloured comics on the stands next to it.

I read the first volume for the first time when it was collected. After finishing the first issue of Dex’s new case…it makes me wish I could wait until this next story is all collected. But…fuck me, I can’t. I bought the issue today and I will buy the next issue the day it’s released.
I can’t help myself. It’s just that good. And if you aren’t reading it…well…there is a Stumptown shaped hole in your soul that you’ll never be able to fill.
Trust me…that’s a sad thing.

And now, after finishing the fantastic piece of writing and art, I’m going to work on my own stories that have been hanging on the line for too long. Thank you for the inspiration (and the kick in the ass) gentlemen!


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One Response to Talking about Stumptown

  1. silver price says:

    Volume one of Stumptown is probably one of my favorite comic series of the last few years, and for good reason. It’s the perfect blend of character focus, beautiful art, high production value, and sharp detail that makes lead character Dex Parios so brilliant to watch in action. Coming in with such high expectation off a previous volume (or case, as the books are titled), the start of volume two had a mighty hill to climb. I can say it succeeds in every way to match up to my expectation.

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