Molly Crabapple: artist, activist, criminal?

Artists (all artists) are born activists and rebels.
Whether through pictures, words, music- the artist rebels against everything.
But, for the most part, it’s peaceful. Words, music, paintings…they don’t hurt anyone. Not really. They may hurt your feelings. It may hurt your ears. But you can turn away, forget, carry on.

When a peaceful protestor/artist takes to the street to support Occupy Wall Street on its anniversary…now this is an artist that has been there from the beginning giving time, support, a voice to the 99%…and she gets arrested?

I make it no secret that Molly Crabapple is one of my favorite artists. I even own an original piece from her Week in Hell.
And, even if she wasn’t one of my favorites, what happened to her (and to everyone else she was with) is inexcusable.

A peaceful protest. I’m sorry if it interrupted your morning cigarette or coffee run. I’m sorry if your office with a view was obstructed by the less fortunate.
Actually, I’m not.
You can go fuck yourself.
I stand with Molly in her beliefs. And I stand by the belief that she did absolutely nothing wrong.

Molly is an artist, a rebel, an activist. Definitely not a criminal. And she definitely doesn’t belong behind bars.
None of them do.

Free Molly Crabapple.


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