Geeks. Plain and simple.

I’m a nerd. Or a geek, Which ever you prefer.
I don’t really hide it. I watch cartoons. I read comics on the train.
Most of my friends are nerds. My friend Billea trumps me on comic knowledge with her digital comics on her iPad and her long boxes and her pull lists.
Yeah. That’s right. Her.You see. Billea is a nerd. Or a geek. And, believe it or not, she’s not a male.
No penis.
But still a geek.
My friend Kelly Thompson is a geek. Yeah, she’s a woman too. She even blogs about comics and related geeky things.
Oh my god! A woman geek with opinions! Yeah, and she knows her shit. Check out her blog and her Tumblr. Hell, she even wrote a book about superheroes.

Those are just two examples. Women that are geeks, and proud. Whats so wrong about that?

Over the past few days, and then exploding today, has been this controversy centered around men in these geeky professions dismissing the majority of women fans as fake geeks, just in it because the guys are easy. They are called whores for dressing up in costumes at comic conventions. They are told they are pretending to be geeks just to get the attention, because in the nerd world (not the “real” world) they are considered attractive.

Here’s the thing. No one would ever pretend to be a geek. Geeks and nerds never have it easy. Is it cool to like comics? Is it cool to dress up like Darth Vader and have a writer or artist autograph every single comic they worked on that you own?
Not really.

So why would anyone, male or female, pretend to be a geek? Short answer: they aren’t pretending. They genuinely enjoy comics, anime, cartoons, movies, whatever.

So what’s the problem? The answer I see floating around is that males are afraid that these evil female geeks are sneaking into their subculture, their Batcaves are under siege by dangerous fem-spies that want to steal the culture because they think it’s cute.

You know what? All of these run on sentences really just boil down to three words: Fucking Grow Up.

What does it matter? Why do you see male geeks and female geeks as separate entities?
We’re all geeks, man, so chill and just enjoy the fact that their are other people out their that like the same things as much as you like them.

Men. Women. Geeks. Raise your geek flags high and wave them proud.
Live long and prosper.


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9 Responses to Geeks. Plain and simple.

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  6. urbannight says:

    Yeah, We are not sneaking in. We have always been there. The guys just don’t see us because so many of them have social skill issues. That is a gross over-generalization. But part of the reason it is a stereotype is because there is some truth to it. I think that, maybe, just maybe, the female nerds and geeks are just a bit better at passing for ‘normal’ when they need to than the male ones. But I could be wrong. It’s just a guess from a girl who used her Barbie to play space pirates and started gaming with text-based adventure games on a Commodore Vic 20, whose first gaming console was a black box with a set of turn knobs and a gun attachment that you hooked up to the t.v. It had Pong, a ‘brick breaking’ game, and a target game, and started reading science fiction in the second grade. I stopped reading comics sometime in the late 80’s when all the different serials were killing off all their heroes en mass. There was a dramatic change in artwork as well and I hated that too.

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