On Milestones and Tragedy

After today’s events in Connecticut I feel a stronger connection to my parents generation than I ever have before.I know my parents can tell you exactly where they were when we first landed on the moon, when JFK and RFK and MLK Jr. and John Lennon were assassinated.
It’s those memories I am able to connect with.

My freshman year of high school is marred by the Columbine shootings (a mere 3 hours away). They turned on the news in the class room.
My senior year began with two planes crashing into the Twin Towers. Everyone stood in the library, watching the second tower fall, my mother made me call my dad.
I had just turned 19 and we went to war in the Middle East.
I was up at 4am in Australia, drinking coke and eating risotto with chicken watching the news when Saddam Hussein was hanged.
I had just drawn a rather crappy picture of Deadman when it was announced that Osama Bin Ladin was killed.
I was on a train platform waiting for the LIRR to take me home to Bayside when the shooting at Aurora during the Dark Knight Rises occured.
At work during a school shooting.

And now another one. I was at lunch. I saw on Facebook about Newtown.
The first thing I did was check with my step sister. That’s all I could think about. I needed to know that my nieces were safe.
After receiving the good news, anger settled in.

I’ve had time to think now, watch the news, discuss.
There a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, none of which will lessen the tragedy.
Gun control is now a buzzing topic. So is mental health.

Yes, to both. Too many kids are slipping through the cracks that need help. Cries for help are lost, or, the kids don’t know how to process their emotions properly, and then veer towards the extreme.

In the middle of this tragedy and cry for gun control, lets not forget the families and the community. Let’s not forget the teachers and the first responders. For they are the ones that will hold the community, the nation together.

When tragedy strikes (if comic books have taught me anything) there are always people there to do the right, brave thing. The teachers protecting kids, the doctors saving lives, the community coming together to grieve and support.

So, during these holidays, when you are with your loved ones and your family and friends, give a little thought to those in Newtown. A little prayer, or a silent nod.
No one will forget this day. It’s another milestone in our lives, marked with tragedies and death.


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