Bring It (Myth)


“I’ve fought Gods Bigger Than You”


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El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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8 Responses to Bring It (Myth)

  1. lovely,
    reminds me of frank millers work a little.

  2. graysonqueen says:

    Reblogged this on I am Grayson. and commented:
    reposting this because I made a comment/revelation a moment ago that Wonder Woman is Greek. Never even occurred to me till just now. Plus it’s a cool illustration!

  3. Female superheroes: The Feminist conundrum. Created by males to appeal to male psyches. She dresses like a Playboy bunny but has the aggression of the testosterone driven YY male. Here is a drawing of an abused woman. A male god is kicking her around like males who think they are gods especially when they are drunk or feeling small will do. She is going down swinging and as a superhero, like so many abused women, will rise from the bloody floor, bruised inside and out, to be beaten another day. The angels will weep for mankind for forty days plus one when men discover that God is a female living in perpetual anger in Kyoto keeping meticulous records of the overt and covert abuse of Her kind, her daughters lined up behind her through countless generations.

    • litbandit says:

      Or…Wonder Woman will weep the tears of the angels. As an emissary of peace and progress she has been brought down to the level of trading punches instead of teaching and helping the way she intended. Wonder Woman will always retain her integrity, her forward vision, no matter the situation.
      She will be belittled by no man, god, monster, alien.
      That’s who Wonder Woman is.

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  5. beautiful. great use of muted color.

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