Mountains, Money, and Murder.

One of the ultimate adventures has to be climbing Mt. Everest.
Not an easy task by any means. Those who make it to the top must experience some firm of nirvana, standing on the crown of the world, high enough to see the Earth curve on the horizon.
But…how many make it back down? How high is the risk, and, if you die…who will know? Who will claim your body…for what price?

Enter “High Crimes” by Sebela and Moustafa, published by Monkeybrain Comics.
It’s Hitchcock meets “The Eiger Sanction.” High altitude noir, untrustworthy characters, spies, failed dreams…in short, a brilliant and unique comic.

“High Crimes” is one of the reasons I read digital comics. It’s hard to beat the price at $0.99 (hell, I’d pay more). If its ever printed in trade, I’ll buy that too.

The comic gives you that feeling that the creators love the story they are telling you. Like they are on the edge of their seats speaking with wild gestures, telling you this amazing tale of intrigue and adventure.

You should listen to them.

“High Crimes” is available through comixolo


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