Spoiler Alert: Alias- Season 1, Ep. 1 and 2

Last night I started watching Alias for the first time. I’m going to document my thoughts as I watch them (God bless Netflix). Feel free to join in.
Episode One- Thoughts:
Is that the guy from the Hangover? Seriously? That’s kinda cool. I don’t like the Hangover movies, but it’s interesting to see him in such a small role. Is it small? Does he come back? Two scenes, and in one of them he’s just in the background.
Sydney’s dad is a prick – but pretty bad ass. “Welcome to the family.”
Why is this dude singing so badly? I wouldn’t say yes. He’s not even trying!
Oh, he’s dead. You shouldn’t have tricked him with possible shower sex and then brought his world crashing down. Killed in the shower- poetic.
Okay, that whole “you’re actually working for the bad guys” twist at the end is well done. Didn’t see it coming. Applaus.

Episode Two- Thoughts:
Wait…Did I miss something? So she actually is working for the CIA? Well, intro…that was fast.
I like this complete lack of damsel in distress. Sydney is badass.
This elevator scene and her kicking ass is very well done. No dialogue, just straight up action.
Wait…who is this dude she’s talking to? I bet he’s a love interest. He has that kind of smirk.
It’s never good when the person you’re doing illegal gun buys from shoots his partner. I’d run away. But at least she knows the guns work now.
Vaughn? Lame name. But I do like her snark. “Can you show me what a bag looks like again?”
Ha! My map of SD6 is bigger than your map!
There seems to be a nice balance of home/real life and international kicking ass spy life. Usually with spy shows it’s all spy stuff and the characters seem one dimensional.
I like this Marshal character. A spy that is not a smoothtalker, that fumbles around women and gets excited about his gadgets. Great character, so far the most human of them all.
Her father’s mouth is small…it really bugs me.
Okay, time out. She just slapped her father for knowing that her fiance was going to be killed. But…and I know it was just the pilot episode…their relationship felt totally shit to me. I know she had the secret for a while…but it just seemed like such a boring, desperate relationship that I feel her emotions and reactions toward everything that deal with it to be fake and forced. Maybe it was the singing before he proposed.
Oh my god…it’s the woman from “Life” asking the guy from the Hangover out. I loved her in Life…best underrated cop show I’ve ever seen. Side note: I really need to learn people’s names.
It must take incredible skill to fight in high heels and a playtex looking skirt. I would have broken a hip and at least one leg doing that. But, I will say, it wasn’t all show-y. Her being dressed like that wasn’t the main focus of the fighting which I appreciate.
The fiance was going to fly to Singapore? Does he turn out to be a spy? Wait, don’t tell me, no…tell me. I hated him for that one episode…he needs to redeem himself so I can find some kind of pity towards Sydney’s grief.
If I were a spy I wouldn’t be walking around in expensive suits. Everyone knows spies are always well dressed. I would be in flip flops, shorts, a t-shirt. Completely casual.
Did they hide a nuke in a grave? That is pretty ingenious. I wish I had thought of something like that.
And it’s triggered by opening the casket? Ingenious!
A double agent that makes choices that can have terrible consequences. I like how in this show, so far, bad things can happen even when the person is trying to do the right thing.
Oh, dad bought the ticket for the fiance. He wasn’t a spy. Lame.

Parting thoghts:
It’s not too bad so far. Would I have gone crazy for the next episode week after week…nah. The drama seems heavy handed. Well, the only drama, really, is her dead fiance. That’s the only private thing we know about Sydney. Her whole character seems to revolve around her relationships with men: her fiance and his death, Sloan and his badguyness, her partner who might not be a bad guy, her father who is a double agent too…
The action is strange…it happens, it’s fun to watch, but there is no tension. There is no “oh my god, is she going to survive this?” She kicks some ass and then shows up to a dinner party all along the same beat…or lack of beat…the whole show seems to operate on a flatline of tension. Actionless action and heavy handed drama.
I’m going to keep watching, I hope I’m wrong. I’ve heard some good things about this show and Sydney has the makings of a very promising character.


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