Spoiler Alert: Alias Season 1, episodes 3-5

Okay, I’m still not sold on the show.
I’m thinking it’s the balance between Sydney’s work and home life.
I just don’t care about her home life.
I don’t care that she kissed the guy from the Hangover. I don’t care that he’s trying to solve her fiances murder. I don’t care that her friend thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her so she throws a Halloween party.
I do like that Sydney knows Dixon’s family and that they interact outside of the spy stuff.

As I’ve said before, I think it all comes down the drama feeling forced.  The spurts of action are great, I will admit to being taken in by the cliffhangers- which is why on Saturday night I watched 3 hours worth. But it’s the down time, I just don’t care about the characters outside of Sydney and her spy group.

The episodes in Morocco were definitely entertaining but when their friend was killed and Sydney finds him…and then totally breaks down at the end. The part that really got me, in that whole her Egyptian friend died (which you think as a spy would she be used to…I mean, come on… she’s in a dangerous line of work) and then her father stands her up for dinner- so she calls her CIA handler.
Really? You just mentioned to his almost replacement that the bad guys you are working for watch you’re every move. So you call the agent you are defecting to to meet you out in the open so you can cry? Not very professional.

I do like the dynamic between Sydney and her father, though. How they are both double agents, he’s secretive and won’t talk to her, she borderline hates him but has questions only he can answer. That’s good drama right there.

A character that I found myself championing was Anna Espinosa. She’s totally badass. She may be a bad guy but she seems infinitely more complex than Sydney (so far). Hers is a story I would like to follow. Born in Cuba during the Cold War, raised in Russia.

It shouldn’t be like that. I shouldn’t find a secondary character more interesting than the main character.

I’m going to continue watching the show, but I do hope that they flesh out Sydney a bit more. I’m not a fan of cardboard spy’s that have emotions wheatpasted onto them.


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