Spoiler Alert: Alias Season 1, ep. 6 & 7

Okay, it’s definitely getting better.
Even the side stories. The Hangover guy investigating the murder is finally turning into a real plot, with the girl he tried to interview showing up dead in a park.
I still don’t care about her friend and her now singing boyfriend. (Why do all the boyfriends have to sing…it seems like a worthless plot point to me)

The dynamic between Sydney and her father is getting better now that he’s, essentially, part of her team at SD6. The distrust she has for him seems like it could propel the show alone, but I have a feeling (and correct me if I’m wrong- her mother was the one being investigated for working with the KGB, not her father. He needs to turn out to be a good guy, I feel, in order to give Sydney some kind of closure.)

Seriously, though…what’s with all the costumes she wears? Is it “let’s give her the tightest, sexiest dress with random wig to do kung-fu in?” “Quick! Let’s make her hide up on some hot steam pipes in a mod dress so tight it looks like if she took a breath it would bust!”

Do women/girls look up to Sydney? She’s almost a good role model. She can defend herself, but she always seems to be the one in distress and her emotions get in the way of her doing her job efficiently.

I can tell they are setting up a romance between Sydney and Vaughn – that much is obvious. But, out of everything in the show, their romance seems the most forced. Right away he’s protective of her, when he’s replaced as her handler he tells the senior agent “You don’t know her.” And you do, Vaughn?

Speaking of Vaughn, and this may make me seem heartless, but that whole funeral part could have been cut out. I understand it’s their to add more depth to the extremely shallow characterization of Vaughn…but I found myself rolling my eyes, especially after he pretty much told Sydney not to feel bad the agents died in the blast because they “died for their country.” Gag.

Maybe it’s a first season thing, getting everything out in the open. I’m still in that place of if this were a show I was watching week to week it would not be something I looked forward to watching.


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