Revolver – Make It Happen.

Like most creative people, I hit a part of my life where my dreams were filled with rail cars and road trips, late night parties and early morning poetry. The ghosts of Kerouac and Burroughs inspiring the future.

For me, it all came down to escape and the lure of the road trip. I wanted to feel that freedom, to drive down those long straight highways in the desert of New Mexico. Nothing but clouds racing by and music blaring. The freedom to go anywhere my heart desired.

There’s always been a certain romance in road trips. Those stories about the drifter rolling into town and finding love, the adventures of life on the road and on the run. Living a tom waits song like “Burma Shave” or “Invitation to the Blues.”

There’s a dream in effect, just waiting for you love and help.
It’s a road trip in the works. It’s a romance on film.

It’s “Revolver” by Veronica Varlov and Burke. It’s a Road Trip Romance in Exile. A movie that needs to be made, seen, and shared.
There are 35 hours left to fund this through Kickstarter.
I’m broke, I mean, bum on the highway hitchhiking broke, but I just upped my donation by $50. That’s how much I want to see this happen.

So get on it people, every donation counts. Help make this road trip dream come true.

Donate here:


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