My Wonder Woman Movie

They say making a Wonder Woman movie would be too difficult, her backstory is too confusing and won’t translate well to the big screen.
Seriously? It’s nearly the same as Thor.
If I were to write a Wonder Woman movie, I would have the stories go like this:

1. Young Diana on her amazon island. Training, learning, dreaming of life off of Themyscira. Big tournament, maybe she wins, maybe she loses – doesn’t matter. She feels she’s ready – she’s head strong, thinks she knows it all – she steals the lasso, the tiara, the bracelets from her mother and flees the island to the world of men.
It’s World War II. Young Diana has flown to France/Germany/England/Spain to stop the war – but it’s nothing like she’s every seen before. This isn’t the battle she’s trained for. There are no Gods pulling strings, there’s nothing to be gained except for blood and power. It’s the war of men, empty of meaning. Nothing like she’s encountered.
Diana is the embodiment of love, peace, patience…how does she react and cope with the disgusting nature of man and man’s wars? How does she rise above sadness and hatred to teach and guide – like a true warrior, like the warrior she trained to be. Boom. Movie.

2. Typical dual identity. Baddass Mod styled spy Diana Prince. Super heroic Wonder Woman. Big threat on the world. She chooses the safety of her chosen world over her identity- thus, Wonder Woman because a hero in the eyes of everyone. Simple.

3. Problems back home. Civil war amongst the gods? Rogue demi-god trying to take over Paradise Island? Wonder Woman breaks her exile and flies home to protect it with her mother and sisters. Lots of distrust – she’s been in the world of men, her sisters feel betrayed – she takes it in stride as best as she can – she’s Wonder Woman, she understands. The Amazon’s overcome the threat, maybe WW has to sacrifice herself to stop the battle, but of course, she doesn’t die – maybe she gives up her immortality- and she’s finally welcomed home. It’s the WW version of you can’t go home again, but some dude with power is fucking things up so you go home anyways and you give everything you have, and more, because you love your home and your sisters and you’d die fighting along side them.

There. Not hard at all.

With thew news breaking that Wonder Woman will be in the new Superman Vs Batman movie, I  – like many others – am starting to worry.
To paraphrase a few people: this is our one shot. If this WW bombs (whether it’s the acting, the script, the whole movie itself) then that is it, say goodbye to your big screen Wonder Woman dreams.


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3 Responses to My Wonder Woman Movie

  1. There will never be a Wonder Woman live action major motion picture. DC Comics has managed to do alright with an animated movie and they’d be OK with TV but that’s a far as it goes. Just my hunch.

    • litbandit says:

      I’m not sure. I’m a little disappointed that her big screen debut is not in a Wonder Woman movie..but in Batman/Superman movie.
      I think her story can transfer to a movie easily.
      And, hey, if they can make an Ant Man movie…surely Wonder Woman isn’t too far fetched?

      • Agreed. But, for some strange reason, fan boys will have an easier time with Ant Man than dealing with Wonder Woman. And, supposedly, the fan boy demographic dominates the box office.

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