On Violence Towards Women

I’m a big guy. Over six feet, broad shoulders, etc.
I can be intimidating. I know, walking down the street, I’m big enough to never really be afraid.
I also know, that walking down the street someone could be afraid if me.
I understand.
It took time to understand. Why would a woman be afraid when it’s just us walking on the street? I’m not following her. I’m not yelling or whistling or cat calling at her.
It’s because I’m a man.

Women are afraid of men. It’s as simple as that.
And you know what, they have every reason to be.

None of this “not all men” please. I’m not saying all men are scary. I’m saying women have a right to be afraid of men.
Just look at the news. The UCSB shooting happened because some guy felt he was being wrongly rejected by women.
A woman tells him no. So he kills them.
Does that make sense?

Women should never have to feel afraid to say no to a man. It’s just sensible.

Men are scary. I’m sure if you did some research you’d find that most female deaths are caused by male violence.

This is a mess of a post, I know, but bear with me.

I know I’m a big guy. I know I can come across as intimidating. What all men need to know, to understand, is (despite their size) women will be afraid of them.
Or…they just might not like them. Do men need a movie called “She’s Just Not That In To You”??
It’s simple common sense. A woman says no, she means no. Move on. No matter how bad you feel about it.

And another thing-rape.
Women are scared of men hurting and/or raping them.
They walk with pepper spray or keys like knives. Because of men.
They have to be careful of how they dress, what they drink , where they go.
Women live in a state of constant fear.
That’s so incredibly not right.

Why is it the women’s responsibility to not get raped? Why are the victims blamed for the way they dress or how much they had to drink ?
It’s not their fault.
It’s us. It’s men.
The only way to stop it is to teach young boys how to behave correctly.
Women are taught rape prevention , given whistles.
Teach boys not to rape. Teach boys that, yes, you will get rejected! Not every woman you fancy us going to fancy you! That’s how the world works so move on!

Follow the trend #YesAllWomen. See the world men have forced on women.
Read the comments section if ANY article or post written by a woman.
Men are disgusting and women have a right to not feel safe around us.

Men threaten women who write articles about comic book covers. They threaten with violence and with rape. And people support that!

Can we not see where the problem is?

It’s men. ALL men.
What can you do? Act like a decent human. Respect women. Respect everyone! Respect each other. Respect personal space and people’s decisions.

It’s that simple. Easy to do.
So why aren’t men doing it?


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3 Responses to On Violence Towards Women

  1. So true. I really liked it. It is very well written.

  2. Dom says:

    “A woman tells him no. So he kills them.”

    Actually, the man in question has been in therapy since he was 8 years old. His 140 page document expresses irrational hatred of everything, including women. His videos show a young man with unresolved gender issues who found sex all around him, but didn’t seem to know what it was. Of the seven people who died, four were men, three of them were Asian men, and only two were women. He killed one of the men because he believed he stole a candle from him.

    Like many people, you are using a very sad case of mental illness to further your own point of view.

    • litbandit says:

      I will concede to the fact that I generalized his hatred towards women.
      But, I still stand by the main focus of the post, regardless of that example.

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