Bad Parents

The gods are terrible parents.

Zeus, flying around with his junk out, impregnating everything at lightning speed while his sister-wife Hera has children out of spite- children out of anger that breed War gods and discord and malformed cast outs.

Incest between war and love breeds all kinds of adoration – unrequited and obsessive, winged and wanton Cupids and Anteros. Wooden arrows and steel dart love letters.

Incest between love and theft breeds the two-person, half man half woman and the most humane.

The gods are terrible parents. Their seeds breeding one eyed monsters and half bulls. Women turning into swans and trees for escape, men falling into their own reflections.

The gods are horrible parents. Letting their children roam the lands, killing Hydras and Medusas and whatever other monsters a jealous lover god can throw at them.

We are their children and we are just toys.

My mother wasn’t a god, but she was close. Clothed in poetry and song she danced across the minds and talents of men. My father was a man, a great man some say, a king – but what’s a king to me?

My father is gone, but my mother is immortal. Where is she?

I used to sing her songs from my shrine. The locals mistook them for prophecy. I let them, I enjoyed their company. Missing my body, their prayers made me somewhat whole.

The god are horrible parents.

I told their secrets once and received a lightning bolt in thanks. My own grand father.

My uncle has since silenced me. The light bringer giving my life only darkness.

If I hadn’t looked back…I wonder…if I hadn’t looked back and my wife was freed…would I follow in the gods footsteps and be a horrible parent?







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