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Atrocity Exhibition

This is the way step inside… He stands in front of the big windows, surveying the room. Covered in trash – they haven’t left in days. It’s a museum, a shrine to filth and relationships. “I still exist” he says. … Continue reading

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Something is Happening in St. Louis – Ferguson

Something is happening in St. Louis. Ferguson. There’s an army on the ground, dressed to kill. Corralling the locals, threatening the media. Stirring up hate and fear. Something is happening in St. Louis. Ferguson They’re waiting for that sweet, sweet … Continue reading

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Love Will Tear Us Apart…Again.

“Why is this room so cold?” He sits wrapped in a blanket, trying to see his breath against the window. She sits across the room from him, playing mindlessly with a rubber band, a cigarette hanging from her lips. “You’re … Continue reading

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We Are Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy and Family.

Guardians of the Galaxy – I loved that movie. I’ve seen some reviews panning it for being silly, contrived, etc. Yes, it is, but that’s half the fun. It’s poking fun at certain things. Like when Star-Lord mentions the Arc … Continue reading

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