We Are Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy and Family.

Guardians of the Galaxy – I loved that movie.
I’ve seen some reviews panning it for being silly, contrived, etc. Yes, it is, but that’s half the fun. It’s poking fun at certain things. Like when Star-Lord mentions the Arc of the Covenant and the Maltese Falcon in relation to the power gem, or during the typical slow-mo walk to save the world, Gamora yawns. This movie knows it’s tropes and knows how to have fun with them.

But there’s something that I haven’t seen anyone talking about: Family.
Family is something Marvel has always done well. Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers…all act and react like families.

Guardians of the Galaxy is about families. It’s about losing families, making families, standing up to families…it goes on and on.
Peter Quill loses his mother, then loses the rest of his family when the aliens take him away. Drax has his family taken away from him by Thanos. Rocket and Groot are each others family, being the only two that start out together in the film. Gamora is related to the big baddie, well, two of the big baddies.

Yes, GotG is a fun, space adventure super-hero movie, but at its core it’s a movie about family, and what it means to become a family.

Space outlaws banding together. Like the tree says, “We are Groot.” And that sums up the movie better than anything I could write.


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