Love Will Tear Us Apart…Again.

“Why is this room so cold?”

He sits wrapped in a blanket, trying to see his breath against the window.

She sits across the room from him, playing mindlessly with a rubber band, a cigarette hanging from her lips.
“You’re just being dramatic. Everything is fine.”

He pushes his head against the window, hoping that the glass will relieve his headache.

“Did you see her?”

“You’re just being dramatic. Everything is fine.” She shoots the rubber band towards the ceiling and watches it fall between her feet.

She lights another cigarette.

She stubs her cigarette out on the bare floor and wipes the sweat from her head with a dirty sock. She takes the rubber band from between her feet and begins to twirl it around her finger, holding it tight, watching the skin turn blue.

“Is it my timing that’s flawed? Or…” He pulls the blanket over his head and stands up, leaning against the wall. He tries to light a cigarette and fails. Sighing loudly he drops back down to the floor.

She pulls herself up off the floor and walks over to him. She lights a cigarette, takes a drag, and then places it between his lips. Leaning over, she kisses him on the head, smoke curling from her nostrils.
“You’re just being dramatic…everything is fine.” She crosses the room and lays down with her back to him.


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