Ello, good day.

I’m generally not up to date with new technologies.
Always a smartphone or two behind the masses. Never with the best computer or software.
I just need the things that let me get done what I want to get done.

I like things simple. Especially technology.

Social media used to be simple. You friends with people you actually knew on Facebook, Twitter was a stream of conversations and links and Tumblr was photo after photo for your browsing pleasure.

But it all got to be a bit much. The beasts grew up and developed into monsters.
Facebook was hit with privacy backlash and even went so far as cutting the messages from their normal phone app. Twitter and Tumblr are now constantly inundated with ads and promotional posts, mostly by companies that don’t seem to understand social media.

Then I found my way in to Ello. It’s early, still in beta and a bit buggy but it’s getting better each day.
I’m not trying to promote it, it doesn’t need my help.
I just want to say I’m comfortable there. No ads. It’s simple. The users on it are extremely creative. I’ve seen great design and photography and art and poetry.

It’s what all the others used to be. A community that likes each other and appreciates each other.

I’m tired of Facebook telling me to like thousands of pages and people I might know but have never seen.
Ello is different. It’s fresh. I suggest you try it out, just to see.


About litbandit

El Bandito Bibliotequa...or something.
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