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Art Sale – The Comprehensive List

Okay, I realized asking you to scroll through the entire blog looking for art wasn’t the nicest thing to do. So here’s a list of everything that’s up for sale, with the links so you can see the picture. The … Continue reading

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My Wonder Woman Movie

They say making a Wonder Woman movie would be too difficult, her backstory is too confusing and won’t translate well to the big screen. Seriously? It’s nearly the same as Thor. If I were to write a Wonder Woman movie, … Continue reading

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Love Like the Movies

It was the glow of your iPad that caught my attention. On the train headed East to Long Island. The train that is ten times better than the subway, but costs over six dollars more for the luxury. The lights … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday: Stripes

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Illustration Friday: Boundaries

He’s a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania…pushing the gender boundary.

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Hero A Day: Dread Pirate Roberts

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What it all comes down to…2

I have music ADD. I change songs before they are even close to being finished. That being said, for some reason “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac is the only song I seem to listen to all the way through these … Continue reading

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