Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Wonder Woman?

Am I right or am I right? She is a superhero.


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Bad Parents

The gods are terrible parents.

Zeus, flying around with his junk out, impregnating everything at lightning speed while his sister-wife Hera has children out of spite- children out of anger that breed War gods and discord and malformed cast outs.

Incest between war and love breeds all kinds of adoration – unrequited and obsessive, winged and wanton Cupids and Anteros. Wooden arrows and steel dart love letters.

Incest between love and theft breeds the two-person, half man half woman and the most humane.

The gods are terrible parents. Their seeds breeding one eyed monsters and half bulls. Women turning into swans and trees for escape, men falling into their own reflections.

The gods are horrible parents. Letting their children roam the lands, killing Hydras and Medusas and whatever other monsters a jealous lover god can throw at them.

We are their children and we are just toys.

My mother wasn’t a god, but she was close. Clothed in poetry and song she danced across the minds and talents of men. My father was a man, a great man some say, a king – but what’s a king to me?

My father is gone, but my mother is immortal. Where is she?

I used to sing her songs from my shrine. The locals mistook them for prophecy. I let them, I enjoyed their company. Missing my body, their prayers made me somewhat whole.

The god are horrible parents.

I told their secrets once and received a lightning bolt in thanks. My own grand father.

My uncle has since silenced me. The light bringer giving my life only darkness.

If I hadn’t looked back…I wonder…if I hadn’t looked back and my wife was freed…would I follow in the gods footsteps and be a horrible parent?






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All In My Head…?

“I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man. I am an unpleasant man. I think my [Head] is diseased[?]“

Something is wrong with me. Has been for going on two months now. Maybe more.
After numerous doctor visits and a trip to the ER they diagnosed me with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.
It’s a neurological disorder where you pretty much throw up…a lot.

I have no idea what caused it, or what triggers an episode…but…

I am so fucking tired.

So tired of it.

I was laid out for close to two weeks. Throwing up every morning – and I mean, like, fire hose-style – then sleeping for hours and hours.

There’s not much I can do, really. I take a pill that’s supposed to fight off nausea. But, I’m tired of taking medication preemptively.

I don’t know how to break the cycle. I’ve stopped drinking caffeine (which is killing me, KILLING ME, I tell you! I need my coffee!!), cheese, whatever else I can think of that could upset my stomach.

I am just so fucking tired of this.

How does one get their head to stop telling their stomach to empty itself? Look it up – Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Stupidest disease in the world, I’m tellin’ ya.

Sometimes you just get to the point where you want to hide, to sleep, to hibernate forever because, fuck, you have no idea what it’s going to be like in the morning. And playing the guessing game while getting ready for work is not fun.
Ever try to tie your shoe in the living room and then have to go storming through the house to the bathroom trying not to trip on your why-are-they-so-long converse shoelaces and throw up on your cat?

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is I’m unhappy. I’m sick. And I have no idea what the fuck to do about any of it except to stay medicated.

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Lately I’ve been inspired creatively, more so than usual. Here are three people that have brought that out. Silent James with his comics of the past; Meredith Yayanos with her un breakable and take no shit spirit; and Leslie Stein with her constant positive outlook on the future.




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On Violence Towards Women

I’m a big guy. Over six feet, broad shoulders, etc.
I can be intimidating. I know, walking down the street, I’m big enough to never really be afraid.
I also know, that walking down the street someone could be afraid if me.
I understand.
It took time to understand. Why would a woman be afraid when it’s just us walking on the street? I’m not following her. I’m not yelling or whistling or cat calling at her.
It’s because I’m a man.

Women are afraid of men. It’s as simple as that.
And you know what, they have every reason to be.

None of this “not all men” please. I’m not saying all men are scary. I’m saying women have a right to be afraid of men.
Just look at the news. The UCSB shooting happened because some guy felt he was being wrongly rejected by women.
A woman tells him no. So he kills them.
Does that make sense?

Women should never have to feel afraid to say no to a man. It’s just sensible.

Men are scary. I’m sure if you did some research you’d find that most female deaths are caused by male violence.

This is a mess of a post, I know, but bear with me.

I know I’m a big guy. I know I can come across as intimidating. What all men need to know, to understand, is (despite their size) women will be afraid of them.
Or…they just might not like them. Do men need a movie called “She’s Just Not That In To You”??
It’s simple common sense. A woman says no, she means no. Move on. No matter how bad you feel about it.

And another thing-rape.
Women are scared of men hurting and/or raping them.
They walk with pepper spray or keys like knives. Because of men.
They have to be careful of how they dress, what they drink , where they go.
Women live in a state of constant fear.
That’s so incredibly not right.

Why is it the women’s responsibility to not get raped? Why are the victims blamed for the way they dress or how much they had to drink ?
It’s not their fault.
It’s us. It’s men.
The only way to stop it is to teach young boys how to behave correctly.
Women are taught rape prevention , given whistles.
Teach boys not to rape. Teach boys that, yes, you will get rejected! Not every woman you fancy us going to fancy you! That’s how the world works so move on!

Follow the trend #YesAllWomen. See the world men have forced on women.
Read the comments section if ANY article or post written by a woman.
Men are disgusting and women have a right to not feel safe around us.

Men threaten women who write articles about comic book covers. They threaten with violence and with rape. And people support that!

Can we not see where the problem is?

It’s men. ALL men.
What can you do? Act like a decent human. Respect women. Respect everyone! Respect each other. Respect personal space and people’s decisions.

It’s that simple. Easy to do.
So why aren’t men doing it?

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Death Face Ginny

Pretty Deadly is the best.


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Teen Titans #1

I read Janelle Asselin’s critique of the new Teen Titans cover today.
I agree with her.
It looks like one of those horrible pin-ups from those swimsuit edition comics that Image used to put out.
On top of all of the problems…it’s just boring. I haven’t read a new DC comic in years, this cover- yeah, it won’t bring me back.
I did a quick sketch of how I think the new cover should have looked. A cover that shows an actual team and reaches out to the correct demographic, and one that I hope is in more in the direction that Janelle was thinking of.


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