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Little Wars

The first flight in recorded history was on December 17th, 1903. I’m sure the fear of flying was first recorded on December 18th of the same year. It’s a giant metal thing that looks like a bird that goes high … Continue reading

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Molly Crabapple: artist, activist, criminal?

Artists (all artists) are born activists and rebels. Whether through pictures, words, music- the artist rebels against everything. But, for the most part, it’s peaceful. Words, music, paintings…they don’t hurt anyone. Not really. They may hurt your feelings. It may … Continue reading

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Taking and Giving

It wasn’t the pain that woke me up. I was so doped up I wouldn’t have been able to feel a bus if it were trying to give me an enema. No, it wasn’t the pain. It was the cold. … Continue reading

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Talking about Stumptown

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I had stopped reading comics for a long time. Two things brought me back. Daredevil and my discovery of Noir comics. It started with “Coward” by Brubaker and Phillips, followed by “100 Bullets” by Azzarello … Continue reading

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