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The Laughing Magician


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Williamsburg Waterfront View

A 5 minute sharpie drawing of the city I now call home. Based on a photo I took right before Sonic Youth took the stage.

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Subterranean Home Sick Alien

Some poetry inspired by Radiohead. It’s not so much being alone… …it’s being adrift. Dancing with stars and creating galaxies out of supernova mindsets. Breezes, warm, flow through hair, and feet meet the sidwalk with a sullen step. I’ve cut … Continue reading

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A quick Wonder Woman sketch

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Illustration Friday: Ferocious

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The Luck of a Fallen Angel

I might possibly have been confronted with death today. Or is that Death? Capital “D” and all? A body on the sidewalk with blood smears on my way to work. An image I don’t think I will shake. A feeling … Continue reading

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And the winner is….

The title I have picked after nearly a week of suggestions (and some damn good ones) is “Albatross.” There were some in the beginning that were really, very good. But, “Albatross” had that nice mythic, storyteller quality to it. Harking … Continue reading

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