Do You have The Blues?


One of the things I am most proud of is a comic called “The Blues” illustrated by the extremely talented Silent James.
The story that is the basis of so many blues songs – the devil, the crossroads, that deep down soulful music.
The comic is finally available for you to hold in your hands. Whether in paperback or on your e-Reader.
Have a look and let us know what you think!

You can find the comic on Amazon right HERE!

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Art Sale – The Comprehensive List

Okay, I realized asking you to scroll through the entire blog looking for art wasn’t the nicest thing to do.
So here’s a list of everything that’s up for sale, with the links so you can see the picture.
The majority of these are black and white, remember that, and all are $10 each.

1. Deathface Ginny from Pretty Deadly This one is from a moleskine notebook.

2. Dr. Doom as Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator

3. Batman and Catwoman

4. The Black Terror Redesigned 

5. Pris from Bladerunner

6. Iron Fist (Orson)

7. Cyclops and Jean Grey

8. Wonder Woman #1  SOLD!

9. Aquaman  SOLD!

10. Professor Zoom

11. Mirror Master

12. Daredevil #1

13. Adam Strange/Chestburster

14. The Hardy Boys

15. Elasti-Girl

16. Pussy Riot   SOLD!

17. Wonder Woman #2

18. Space Girl

19. Batman

20. Daredevil #2

21. Batman with Yoyo

22. Solomon Grundy

23. The Terminator 

24. Femme Fatal with cigarette

25. Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

26. Allen Ginsberg

27. Batman #3

28. Kitty Pride

29. Batman #4 (Hipster)

30. Batman – Ballerina 

31. Ace of Pentacles

32. Batman – Anti-gator spray 

33. Elephant in tar

34. Wonder Woman – Love does not belong in War

35. Crazy Jane (Doom Patrol)

36. Le Voyage Dans La Lune

37. Buddhist Monk

38. John Constantine #1

39. John Constantine #2

40. Tom Waits  SOLD!

41. Wonder Woman SOLD!

42. John Constantine #3

43. Wonder Woman with Sword

44. John Constantine #4

45. Batman TV Series Penguin

46. Batman TV Series Eggman

47. Batman TV Series Joker

48. Batman TV Series Batgril

49. Batman TV Series Riddler

50. Joe Strummer

51. Giganta (Attack of the 50 foot woman)

52. Elvis Costello 

53. Storm (Mohawk) 

54. Tank Girl

55. Fu Manchu

56. The Flaming Carrot

57. Marcel Marceau

58. Johnny 5

59. Valkyrie 

60. Starfire 

61. S.C.U.D

62. Adam Strange

63. Wolverine #1

64. Psylocke

65. Venom 

66. John Constantine 

67. Wolverine #2

68. Ladytron

69. Joker

70. Wildcat

71. Sensation Comics cover #1

72. Mummra

73. Panthro

74. Black Widow

75. Rocketeer

76. Zorro

77. The Fool (tarot) 

78. Jubilee  SOLD!

79. Batman on old bicycle

80. Elektra (Teen Force)

90. Dick Tracy

91. Raphael (Ninja Turtle)

92. Throg (Thor Frog)

93. Fin Fang Foom

94. Power Girl

95. The Spirit

96. M.O.D.O.C.K.

97. The Thing

98. Plastic Man

99. Big Barda

100. Wolverine Vs. Hulk

101. Hitman

102. Mr. Freeze

103. Classic Catwoman

104. Spider Jerusalem

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Art Sale!

Everything must go!!
Every drawing that is posted here can be yours for lets say…$10, no shipping (unless you’re over seas).
Everything is available except for the Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend pages.
If you don’t find anything you want, I’ll do an original commission for you for $15 black and white, $25 full color. All pages are about 10×13, give or take.

Transactions will be done through Paypal.
Just tell me the one(s) you’d like and I’ll email you the Paypal request for funds the same day I the art out, which will more than likely be on Saturdays.

Any help would be great, and come on…who doesn’t like art? Right? Have a look and tell your friends!

Just leave a comment below, or on the piece that you want, or email me at lriley17 (at) hotmail (dot) com.


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Strange News From Nowhere

I’ve started a new blog. Stories that all run on a central theme. It will be it’s own beast. Journalistic dispatches from a world of the strange.

It’s here, if you’d care to have a look. I, for one, am enjoying the writing, so I hope you enjoy the reading.

-Lit Bandit.

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O’Death: Out of Hands We Go

There are some bands, once I discover them, I sink my teeth in and never let go.
It was around this time about two years ago. The leaves were yellow, the sun was working part time and it was dark earlier than usual. It might have been snowing a little.
I had just bought a book. A great Southern, gothic noir novel by Denis Johnson.
In other words, it was like the universe was pointing me towards O’Death.

Their new album just came out earlier this month. It’s great, fantastic, perfect…I could go on and on saying the same thing over and over.

I will tell you this. These guys are serious musicians. With each album they become tighter, more cohesive. They retain the rawness I fell in love with.
Those barren landscape vocals and pleasantly grating sounds are still there, unmistakable O’Death.
But they are growing, strengthening their sound, building upon a sound I’ve heard nowhere else.

They are the perfect October band. The band to listen to as the trees blacken, the nights grow chilly, the ghosts creep about.

O’Death fills me with the same anxiety I get when I realize I’m lost in a city I should know by heart. The music that plays for shadows to dance to around a bonfire.

Savannah halloween cemeteries.

Buy their new album. Buy all their albums. It’s not October unless you’re listening to O’Death as you walk down a yellow sidewalk in the purple dusk- hand in hand with your own demons.

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It’s that time again.
The world becomes dying yellow oranges.
Night falls quicker and leaves fall onto sidewalks.

Devils begin to open their eyes, stretch and smile after hibernation.
Ghosts wander the streets.

I walk down a busy Queens street, but it’s not so busy anymore. It’s black out, the streetlights are dim…but I don’t feel alone.

I read more.
I become possessed by a death god and I consume constantly.

I feel like I’m being watched when I’m outside.
Shadows down side streets. Eyes in trees.

It’s October. It’s autumn.
It’s when the warmth fades and magic grows.
When the secret world comes alive.

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Twisty the Clown

Fuckin scary.


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